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Hibbah H. - The Complexity of Human Connections 

Curatorial Rationale

This exhibition connects with me not only on a personal level but also a very relatable story line for many people. The narrative of my exhibition is based on the different aspects of relationships. I have focused on the different dynamics between people, lovers, and yourself and your own mind. Artists like Jungwan Chae, Frida Kahlo, and George Segal, have inspired me in terms of mediums, style and technique. I used these artists, and others, to portray my ideas and stories coming from films, books and experiences. I adapted Segal’s sculpture techniques as models for mine, used an artwork by Chae and turned it into a sculpture with my own elements, and used a famous artwork by Kahlo as a source of inspiration to work around my work. My intentions are for people to understand that you have to go through the process of improving and loving yourself as a person, only then can you bring others out of the dark with your light and help others to accept and love themselves. The vision for my overall body of work is to show the distinct differences but also some similarities in the range of my artworks.


Make a Wish
Acrylic and oil paints on canvas
80 cm x 60 cm

This artwork shows the desire of a perfect relationship that humans want. We desire to have a perfect relationship with a partner and this artwork portrays that wish. The oil lamp symbolizes wishes and in this context, it's the wishing for a perfect relationship between two people. The souls are free and flowy and the focal point of the artwork is the lamp, because it is painted differently technically with more detail.  Whereas the souls are done more freely.

Determined Serendipity
Oil paint on canvas with black primer
50 cm x 40 cm

I'm Muslim and in Islam, we believe that God has a destined partner for you since before you are born. That there is an already decided path for you on who you will end up being together with, like fate. This artwork portrays this through the fetuses in the womb of their mother next to each other in position so that there is a link of their umbilical cords. The white light around the fetuses shows their individuality and that each individual growing up will be special and are destined to meet.

Possessing Self Love
Acrylic on canvas
80 cm x 60 cm

This artwork, unlike my others, only has one figure. This individual is trying to get past the negativity in their life, by painting a spotlight over all the curses and negative things that they have heard. The lightblue steps towards the spotlight are the same the person is taking in my work “One Step Closer”. This individual painting over the negativity shows how they own life and will continue to do so which is shown through the continuation of the pathway.


Ace of Hearts
Acrylic on canvas
50 x 40 cm

Like playing-cards, the highest rank in most games is usually the ace. I chose heart as the suit because these are playing cards, meaning that it could be perceived as playing with someone's heart during relationships. Also because the ace is the strongest rank, it is related to the heart having the strongest sense of feeling in a relationship and people always listening to their hearts. This artwork may have this double meaning depending on how one perceives it.

One Step Closer
Plaster over wire mesh, painted; figures are plasticine
46 cm x 43 cm x 62 cm

This sculpture symbolizes the openness that partners feel towards each other. the overall composition of the bigger figure’s is very rocky and mimics a cliff, showing the hardships that this person has gone through and have closed themselves off until someone (the person in white) has brought brightness to their life and has allowed their true self to be seen by shining light into their life, which is shown through the light blue reflecting off of the figure inside the head.

Free Me
Acrylic on canvas beside plaster cast sculpture
80 cm x 60 cm
55 cm x 35 cm x 75 cm

My past artworks were all focused on the positive side of relationships, which not all relationships are, so I wanted to portray the negative side of relationships. In this artwork, the 2D man on the canvas is proposing with a 3D handcuff falling out of the ringbox. That’s the link to the 3D sculpture of a woman with her arm out, showing resistance. The man's eyes cut off, with his head facing the audience shows that he does not see the wrong in the situation, when the woman is suffering.

Acrylic and oil paint on canvas
60 cm x 80 cm

This artwork shows the way someone would perceive the world when they have eyes for only one person. The phrase that best portrays the feeling of this painting is “My heart only aches for you”. This means that in a crowd of people, someone in love, will only see the person that they love. The hands are on the right side of the painting but anatomically, it's on the left, symbolizing the heart. The light coming through the fingers shows how hard it is to hold in your love for someone.

Digital photography with digital hand-drawings
60 cm x 45 cm

This is the final part of all my artworks and brings everything together as you can see someone hold a heart, brain, and two eyes, looking like flowers. The small flowers on them show the blooming of feelings and these three things are some of the most important aspects of a relationship and your feelings. The eyes have sunflowers on them which symbolizes loyalty. Vines of the heart are known as the life source, and Elfin Creeping Thyme on the brain, symbolizing courage.